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Should I take the LSAT in August and October, or just October?

thewhitewhalethewhitewhale Monthly Member
in General 8 karma

I just completed the core curriculum a few days ago and took a PT and got a 171. I'd like to get mid 170s in a perfect world, and I'm signed up for the August and October LSAT to apply this cycle. In September I will have a lot of time to take as many PTs as possible. Should I take the LSAT twice, hope for the best on the August test and then study intensely in September, or should I wait to take the test in October? Is there any downside to taking the LSAT twice in back to back sessions? Not sure whether admissions officers look down on that practice.


  • CSieck3507CSieck3507 Monthly Member
    1374 karma

    Most likely admissions wont look down on taking it twice back to back just because they will take your highest score. However, having one test on file that is in the mid 170's will look better because they may think well why didn't they just wait to take it in October? Thus, my suggestion would be to hold off on taking it in August, take the PT's, BR the hell out of them and get that mid 170 score. Also, how many PT's have you taken? What was your diagnostic? A 171 post CC is absolutely amazing so I don't see why you couldn't hit mid 170's by October. Also, there is not much difference in applying between September and November because that is still early in the cycle so just take the extra time to boost your PT scores, hammer your personal statement in that time and then apply in November or December.

  • underdog_9-1-1-1-1underdog_9-1-1-1-1 Alum Member
    208 karma

    How long did it take you to complete the core curriculum if you don't mind me asking?

  • Dkimvisionmaker11Dkimvisionmaker11 Alum Member
    78 karma

    Which PT did you take? If it's an earlier one, you may want to consider taking a more recent to better gauge where you are. In my case, my first two PTs (35, 36) were early 170s, but then, my score dropped to early to mid 160 for a long time until it eventually went up. It may be just me, but different styles of the exams from more recent ones can harm/benefit you depending on your particular sets of strengths and weaknesses.

  • thewhitewhalethewhitewhale Monthly Member
    8 karma

    Thanks for the advice @CSieck3507 ! I just finished BR'ing my second PT and got a similar score, but to @Dkimvisionmaker11's point these are tests 36 and 37. I'll take a more recent test and see how it goes. I believe I got a 164 or so on the diagnostic. @friendsnexus the core took me about three months. For the last two months of that I probably did core daily.

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