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Disclosed vs undisclosed

grace099grace099 Alum Member

Is it recommended to take the unclosed test? Am aiming to get into the 2020 session into the University of Toronto, so was planning to do the October test , so I had two more chances to take repeats for a better score. Any suggestions?


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    It's nice when your test is disclosed because you can see what problems you got wrong and that can help you study if you want to retake, but other than that, it really doesn't matter. I wouldn't base my decision of when to take the LSAT on whether or not it's disclosed

  • grace099grace099 Alum Member
    132 karma

    Thank you..but since they prefer you take the LSAT before November as the first round of selections gets done in Dec, you think leaving it til Nov would be good, since if I didn't get my targeted score , the next test remaining for me would only be in January ..Your thoughts ...

  • LCMama2017LCMama2017 Alum Member
    2134 karma

    If you are going for first round decisions then the sooner the better. Sure, you can wait til Jan but why would you do that? Take it in October apply and see what happens. Take it again in November in case you can increase your score.

  • DanielMacTavishDanielMacTavish Alum Member
    161 karma

    I took the digital LSAT in July (undisclosed). My immediate plan after taking the test was to prepare for the November 25th test, mostly because it is the only disclosed test in the relatively near future, and I feel that I need to see where I am going wrong. Then again, I am taking the tortoise approach for Law School in an attempt to maximize my score. If your goal is for the first wave of applications, I don't think November would be optimal. Depends on your personal aspirations, though.

  • DanielMacTavishDanielMacTavish Alum Member
    161 karma

    Oh, and I really think that if I do well enough on the LSAT, it matters less (or maybe even "not?") when I apply :smile:

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