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Should I cancel and retake or keep and retake?

So I have been reading all the discussion posts on the July LSAT score release but decided to post one of my own. In short, my score was 150. I know I can do much better considering the fact that I had barely studied prior to taking the test and had not done a single prep test other than the diagnostic. That said, I am located in Canada and the deadline to apply to most law schools is November 1. I definitely plan on retaking the LSAT in November with more studying this time. However, my concern is the following: should I just keep the score and retake and then apply with the higher score? Or should I cancel and apply but with a pending LSAT score that will be released after I take it in November? Also, the law school in my city and which I plan on applying to in October typically accepts applicants with an LSAT average of 155 so I am not sure if my score will be of any help if I keep it. Your advice is really appreciated. Thank you :)

Should I cancel and retake or keep and retake?
  1. Should I cancel and retake or keep and retake?12 votes
    1. Cancel and retake
    2. Keep and retake


  • LegallyBrunette21LegallyBrunette21 Yearly Member
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    I also scored a 150 with only doing 2 PTs after completing the CC and I decided to cancel as soon as I saw my score but I had no hesitation because I am not applying until the next cycle. What is your GPA? If you have a really high GPA, I would say to keep your score as your GPA may balance out the score but if not I would go with cancelling and taking advantage of the free retake. Best of luck!

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