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Application planning- after July LSAT-163

UmerfahmadUmerfahmad Free Trial Member

Hi All,
I completed the LSAT in July and scored 163. I was scoring 169 on my PT's but dont want to go through more LSAT study. I am an older applicant planning on applying and hoping for scholarships. My understanding is that my score is good for 5 years. I want to start school in 2022, and am thinking I should apply not this cycle, but next. Would there be any reason to apply this cycle and defer? I feel like it shouldnt be counted against me if my LSAT score is a year old. Im also hoping some more online schools start up. I just saw that UNH with IP started up this year whcih is exciting. Online will be my best option and that limits me currently to syracuse and UNH. There is also SMU which is in town, but would be full time and I would have to figure out a work schedule around it.
Any advice, thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated.


  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    2689 karma

    A year won't hurt. Your score is good and I don't think they care what administration the test was in, just if it is still valid and a good score. If you aren't ready to apply, I'd say to wait, hone your personal statement, get all your ducks in a row, etc. Hit it hard and early in the cycle next year. Best case, you get it and they let you defer. Worst case, you get it and they don't let you defer, you withdraw, and now next cycle, you have to rewrite your PS a bit and represent yourself after withdrawing the previous year. If it were me, I'd rather just have a fresh attempt at applying.

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