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Conduct for the Test Day

ajroks08ajroks08 Alum Member

Hi! So I'm registered for the October 2019 LSAT and had a couple questions. I live in Canada so the weather in October will probably cold.

Am I allowed to wear my winter coat ? What about a hoodie?

Am I allowed to bring my wallet to the test centre?

What should I do with my phone if I need to call a ride after the exam?

I googled this stuff but keep getting conflicting info, so any input would be appreciated. And if this has been asked before, please link the discussion below :)



  • chloe222chloe222 Alum Member
    76 karma

    I'm not sure about a winter coat, but I know when I've taken it the proctors have made people tuck in the hoods of their hoodies. This makes me think that you cannot wear a winter coat into the testing room, as you would not be able to tuck a winter coat hood in.

    Everything you need must fit in your clear ziplock bag (water bottle, wallet, keys, etc..).

    Don't bring your cell phone, leave it in the car or at home - they're very picky about cell phones and you don't need any added stress.

    Good luck!

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    edited August 2019 2689 karma

    If it's super cold, wear your coat, but leave it by the door. If you can, wear a sweater instead, even one like a button down cardigan you can take off if you need to. Hoodies can be strictly enforced, but I've seen a few people get away with it. Still, don't chance anything with a hood.
    Do not bring in your cellphone into that room. At all. No electronics, not even digital watches.
    Sometimes, you can arrange with a front desk of the school or hotel the LSAT is being held at to hold your phone for you, or just hide it in your glove box in your car. You are allowed your keys and wallet. I never even took my wallet, just my ID, though. Simpler and easier to have it all inside a gallon sized baggie, ready to roll.

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