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How much LG speed improvement is reasonable to hope for in a month?

bigjoecbigjoec Alum Member

I've been studying for the LSAT for about 3 weeks, mostly on logic games, probably put in about 80 hours so far. My very first look at any of these games, I went through a PT and got 19 or 20 right... but I did it without a time limit and spent 3 hours on the games.

After my practicing/studying, I've got it to where I'd guess I can go -1/-2 on the LG in a PT in about 60 minutes.

Obviously, 60 minutes doesn't cut it. Under real test conditions & timing, I'm looking at more like a -9 on the LG. I did have one PT where I got -5, but there was a lot of luck involved (I didn't have time for 6 or 7, and guessed A and got like 3 or 4 of these blind guesses correct).

Any thoughts on what's realistic to hope for in terms of improvement before the October test? I don't have time to foolproof hundreds (or even dozens) of games. It's been a while since a game stumped me, but I'm still not necessarily making the right calls on when to split & try to draw out tons of inferences vs when to forge ahead with what I've got and let it play out in the questions. And even when I do make the right call, I'm still probably taking 25% to 50% too long on everything.

I have a head for logic; on my last PT under test conditions I went -1 on RC and LR combined. But speed has just never been my thing.



  • TrusttheprocessTrusttheprocess Alum Member
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    Well its really tough to say .... especially if you did not full proof. I was once under the boat in which that I thought you didn't need to fullproof to excel in LG - but that is just falling to the traps of the test makers (LOL game makers #hungergames)...

    My personal recommendation would full proof for one week at the bare minimum by choosing games that hold significant similar patterns within their division of games (grouping games - yes there is by chart, by category, etc.... but some games can be more "key" to practice under the study time period you have.

    hope that helps ... i full proofed part-time for like 2-3 months (max 1 hr/2 hrs a day at best)... maybe some weeks i put in 4 hours LOL (because I was studying part-time). However, an absolutely terrible section for me is -2 (like that is if i get hit with multiple 4 & 5 star games). i felt this past septembers game was like 8star lol but thats me...

    hope that helps!

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