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LSAT Family help

jfpeterkinjfpeterkin Alum Member

Hey all I’m studying for the LSAT averaging a 140 pretty low I know but I know I can get up to at least a 150. Do you think that achievable for the October test and if not the November test? If so any tips? My issue is focus and the LR section


  • salonpapassalonpapas Legacy Member
    138 karma

    How long have you been studying? It's normal to study a year for this test!! Fool proof the LGs. Have you gone through the course? Do you truly understand the concept?

  • jfpeterkinjfpeterkin Alum Member
    79 karma

    @salonpapas i’ve Been studying since around April took off about two months for illness. I went through khan academy and Kaplan book. LG concepts I’m good it’s really LR that trip me up it’s a hit or miss so maybe I don’t understand that concept fully.

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