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Question About Course Structure

Hi everyone!

I just have a question about the course structure for the Ultimate+. After the core curriculum, there are 4 sections called Drills from PrepTests 01-09, Drills from PrepTests 10-19, Drills from PrepTests 20-29, and PrepTests 1-35. For each of these sections it shows "0 mins" next to each. Are these looked at as extra and not part of the main testing material?
How should I go about studying? By plowing through all of these sections labeled zero mins first? Or by skipping ahead to the first official PrepTest with a time next to it? My fear is a lack of time for finishing all the material so I'd like to be strategic in my approach.

Any advice on how to approach my studies?

I am currently in the middle of reading comprehension.




  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
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    I also have the Ultimate+. What I did was: at the end of CC, I took the Feb 1997 test and BR'd (that is part of the CC). After this I used the Analytics page to identify weaknesses that were highlighted in both that test and my initial diagnostic from the beginning of the course. Now, in between weakly Prep tests, I create custom problem sets based on these weaknesses. For example, one day I drill "Miscellaneous" games because those ones appear to throw me for a loop. I imagine it's more helpful to cater your drills and problem tests to your own needs, so I haven't looked at the 0 min "Drills" sections!

  • LogicianLogician Alum Member Sage
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    those "0 minute sections" are completely redundant, those were just there before the question bank existed. Now that the question bank exists, you can use that for all of your drilling needs, hence the "0 minutes" marked next to those sections.

  • Thank you two for the replies! They were very helpful 😊

    How do I go about making these custom drill sets??



  • Donkle DooDonkle Doo Alum Member
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    Head here and follow the instructions to make custom problem sets.

  • Very helpful. Thank you so much!

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