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Question regarding requesting transcripts!

Hello! I was wondering if somebody can give me an answer on whether I need to request a transcript. I graduated from Colby College in 2018.

I studied abroad in Kunming, China as part of the Middlebury College in China program for one semester in the fall of 2016. Here's a link to it: I took four courses there and received 16 credits that transferred over (the grades did not factor into my GPA at Colby, but they appear on my Colby final transcript). The grades that I got in these four courses appear on my Colby transcript. Do I need to request a transcript from Middlebury for this semester I studied in China?

I read the information that LSAC has online (, but it was a bit confusing for me. I personally do not think it's that clear, hence why I am asking this question.

If somebody can provide any insights, I'd greatly appreciate it!


  • tee-ritztee-ritz Member
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    I sent transcripts from my studies abroad. When I spoke to the admissions advisor at my prospective law school, I was told they were required.

  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
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    You need a transcript from the institution "that clearly sponsored your overseas study," and Colby seems to meet this definition of a sponsoring institution, so I don't think you need one from Middlebury.

    a) the courses received the sponsoring institution’s academic credit (not transfer credit).
    You mentioned that you received these credits - for your degree at Colby

    b) the course codes, titles, credits earned, and grades appear on the sponsoring institution’s transcript.
    You also mentioned that your grades appear on your Colby transcript. Assuming the course codes, titles, and credits earned appear as well, then I'm inclined to believe that you're fine.

  • mistermo96mistermo96 Alum Member
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    @taschasp Thanks for the prompt response!

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