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Explanation Videos

SaherkSaherk Member
edited January 24 in General 28 karma

Should you watch the videos for the questions you got right? Is that recommended or just a waste of time?


  • Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
    2116 karma

    They always provide value because it gives you an alternative perspective on the question and how to tackle the ACs

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27830 karma

    I think it depends on where you're at with your studies. If you're learning logic and the other material contents of the test, I think it absolutely helps to develop your understanding. This is about 90% of your prep. Just because it's not a waste of time doesn't necessarily mean it's the best use of your time though. The returns are certainly more diminished on questions you got right than on questions you got wrong. If I could study perfectly, I would watch these. If not, it would be among the first things I think I'd have to cut. Important to note that that is only for questions I got right confidently. If you got right without confidence these are every bit as important to watch as ones you got wrong.

    If you're studying strategy and execution, the other 10% of the process, I think it can actually interfere with the goals of those exercises on questions where you're confident in your reasoning. Under timed conditions, you just don't get to fully articulate the entirety of your reasoning. You should be able to, but you should forego the actual process. By watching the videos, it's tempting to maintain that standard of explanation as the standard you should be striving for on questions where you really may need to rely on your unarticulated understanding. This only represents 10% of the work, though, and should only enter into the equation at all once you're BRing comfortably and consistently above your target score.

  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
    796 karma

    If you're going to review questions you got right, I would recommend prioritizing questions that you got right but weren't totally sure if the answer choice you selected was the correct one. It's possible to get a question right but have the wrong reasoning, which means that if you see a question later that requires that same reasoning, you might get it wrong the next time--in which case reviewing explanations for the question would be worthwhile.

    The other instance in which it might be worth reviewing questions you got correct is if the question took you forever to answer, or I should say, substantially more time than appropriate (since some questions naturally require for more time). In these cases, looking up explanations can help you make your thinking more efficient, and see if you can dissect what it was about that question that confused you, even if you ultimately got it correct.

  • JerryJerry Member
    176 karma

    Questions I got wrong

    Questions I flagged

    Questions where I only got the right answer on blind review

    Questions where I changed to the wrong answer on blind review

    Those were the only questions whose videos I watched. Watching videos for right answers wouldn’t hurt though. I just felt it wouldn’t be the most productive use of my studying time.

  • szs52525szs52525 Alum Member
    28 karma

    If you have time, go over the ones you were not 100% sure on. It's not a waste of time.

  • SaherkSaherk Member
    28 karma

    Wow great advice, thanks everyone!! I was only asking because I have a limited amount of time, in an ideal situation I would watch every video possible!

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