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Please Help!! Law school application procedure and fellowships for international student in Canada

srija1991srija1991 Alum Member
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I am a PhD student of Genetics in India. I am interested to work in IP law. However, I have no idea if there is any special requisite to apply for law colleges in Canada or if any special fellowships available (cause I won't be able to study law without fellowship). Also if it is ok to go from PhD in Genetics to law (I know many go from engineering field, but not sure if students come from biology field as well ). I have converted my undergraduate score (First division) to GPA, it is coming 4 but not sure if Canada schools convert the score for international student or they disregard it. Is Credential Assembly Service Authentication and Evaluation (CAS A&E) compulsory for international students? Will they convert my undergraduate scoring to GPA?

I will highly appreciate and grateful, if someone has answer these queries.


  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
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    You can go into law from any field, but I'm not sure about the fellowship part. I'm not sure there are any programs where you could be a law student and part of a fellowship at the same time, at least I haven't heard of anything like that. Or are you asking about doing a fellowship before going to law school?

    You don't need CAS for Canadian schools; they each have their own system and Ontario schools use OLSAS.

    As for your GPA... I think each Canadian school has its own process. It's not as standardized in the U.S. since they don't use CAS. As far as I can tell, they'll most likely take your GPA conversion into consideration. But how you'll be weighed against students with Canadian & U.S. degrees, I don't know.

  • srija1991srija1991 Alum Member
    edited March 2020 30 karma

    Hi @taschasp,
    Thank you very much for your reply. Sorry I was using wrong terminology. By 'fellowship' I meant a fully sponsored course (scholarship???). So if there is a chance to get something like that being an international student.

    The GPA conversion was not from a legitimate source, it was just some goa calculator I found online. Are there any legitimate conversion system available fir international students specifically which will be accepted by canada law schools ?

    Also if I want to to get admission in 2021 when is the best time to take the test ? (Given that I may have to try twice probably)

    I am sorry if my questions are sounding stupid, I really have no idea on this field.

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