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My May LSAT Flex on ProctorU appears as June LSAT Flex. Anyone else?

TlayyyyyyTlayyyyyy Alum Member
in May 2020 LSAT 80 karma


I took the May one on May 19th. I am scheduled to take the June LSAT Flex.
On my ProcturU site, my account shows that I am scheduled to take June LSAT Flex but also had taken a June LSAT Flex on May 19th. I had to restart my computer after 1.5 hours of chatting with several technicians/representatives.

LSAC only says that it's out of their hands and that I should take it up with Proctor U.
But, ProctorU hasn't replied to my email over a week and their chat/call lines are all not available after many many waits.

Has anyone else had this experience? If yes, were you able to resolve it?

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