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Preparing for LSAT Flex with four-section Practice Tests?

cabsmithcabsmith Member
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Ever since LSAT Flex was announced for the July test, I have been saving the second logical reasoning section for last. My logic here is to try and simulate the experience of a varied, three-section test before completing an "extra" section at the end. That being said, I've struggled to maintain my discipline in the fourth section mostly because I know it won't be there on game day. While I could stand to motivate myself more here, what would be the point, exactly? It's not clear to me how extra time on logical reasoning is necessary in the blind review process if I want to start emphasizing other parts of the test which will now be weighed more heavily than before.

Under its 7Sage Flex Score Calculator, our friends at 7Sage make this recommendation: "... you've already been given the best converter in existence from the LSAC itself: the regular 4 section PrepTest. Take 4 section PTs. That will be the best predictor of how you will do on a 3 section Flex test. On test day, frame the loss of 1 LR section to yourself as a treat: 1 fewer stress inducing nerve-racking task to do."


  • mhf.andrewmhf.andrew Member
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    I think LR is so varied in its question types that it is still useful to do both. By doing two sections you encounter more questions, and I think this is useful because we simply do not know what kinds of questions LSAC will cram into the one section.
    Also, I think it is worth taking into account that generally people make more improvement on LR than they do on RC. It may very well be in your interest to allocate more time to LG than to LR, but it is harder for me to see the rationale for exchanging time spent on LR for more time spent on the less learnable RC.

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