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I'd like to tutor one student scoring in the 150s (pro bono!)

ahnendc-1ahnendc-1 Member
in General 642 karma

I wanted to reach out to see if there is anyone scoring in the 150s that would interested in free tutoring?

My average PT score is 166.8 and I just registered a 166 on the May Flex. Currently, I am trying to close the gap between timed conditions and BR (consistently mid-high 170s) and, after hearing so much about the benefits of tutoring others, want to give it a shot.

Ideally, we could spend about 2-3 hours/week together on video chat doing a full BR of section(s), reviewing LR or RC problem sets from the core curriculum or diving into individual questions/passages/games. I am studying full-time (also EST) so my schedule is rather flexible but would prefer weekday evenings or anytime Sunday.

Full disclosure - this would be my first time tutoring students for the LSAT (although I do have some previous experience as a paid tutor for other subjects in HS).

If interested, feel free to message me or respond below.


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