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Main Point Questions

E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
edited September 2013 in General 377 karma
There are some main point questions that do not have a clear conclusion. The conclusion uses "borrowed language" or "referential language". Example : Clearly, without that sympathy and the political will in engender, the needs of more obscure species will go unmet. If you see "that" referrers back to the last contextual language. In the answer, there is not such answer that states that specific conclusion, rather a inference that one can make, is the answer. How do we use the 7sage strategy in such a situation?
Question October 1991 #6 Section 1


  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    I keep on getting the intuition to infer a conclusion from MP questions. Example: June 2004 Section 3 #14
  • CJ ShinCJ Shin Member
    302 karma
    For MP questions, it's almost always a paraphrased version of the conclusion explicitly stated.
    No more, no less.
  • are main point and main conclusion questions the same, just written in different form?
  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    Daniel, yes I understand this. To be more clear, I think that I was confusing inferring and paraphrasing. I am aware however, that MP and Main conclusion are the same. Thank you. CJ Thank you. I got it.
  • Eric, I was asking a question that I was confused about. It's a misunderstanding, I wasn't answering your question as I noticed CJ had already answered it.
  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    Daniel, main point and main conclusion questions are the same. Both are under the category MP Q.
  • thanks
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