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Can someone help me on this question? LSAT QUESTION LOGIC GAMES

rachel96rachel96 Free Trial Member
edited June 2020 in General 16 karma

MY THOUGHTS: It says that A is correct and I dont understand why? I get that it is elimination, but if Quasi has one that is higher than it wouldnt it be B? I am seeing that it doesnt say that four is the highest, that we shoudn't assume, but when you look at question A it says that Nice has two stars and headstrong has three stars making it that Nice is less that headstrong so that to me means that rating four must be the highest. So how can quasi be four and then headspace be three? It also says in the rule explanation that quasi cannot recive a rating of just 1 or two stars. I guess i am asking when they dont tell you what rating is the highest how can you know which anwser is right when they give you two possible anwsers? I am deff overthinking but just need someone to step by step clarify why it is question A!

ACTUAL QUESTION: A critic has prepared a review of exactly six music CDs- headstrong, In Flight, Nice, Quasi, Reunion, and Sounds Good. Each CD received a rating of either one, two, three or four stars, with each CD receiving exactly one rating. Although the ratings were meant to be kept secret untill the review was published, the following facts have been leaked the the pubilc.

For each ratings, at least one but no more than two of the CDs received that rating.
Headstrong recived exactly one more star than NICE did.
Either Headstrong or Reunion received the same number of stars as In Flight did.
At most one CD. received the same number of stars as In Flight did.
At most one CD received more than stars than Quasi did.

Which one of the following could be an accurate matching of ratings to the CDS that received those ratings?


(A) One star: In Flight, Reunion; Two stars: Nice; Three stars: Headstrong;Four stars: Quasi, Sounds good.
(B) One star: In Flight, Reunion: Two stars: Quasi, Sounds Good: Three stars: Nice; Four Stars: Headstrong.
(C) One star: Nice; Two stars: Headstrong; three stars: In Flight, Sounds good;Four stars:Quasi, Reunion.
(D) One Star: Nice, Sounds good: Two stars: In Flight, Reunion; Three stars:Quasi; Four stars: headstrong
(E) One star: Sounds good; Two stars:Reunion;Three stars: Nice, Quasi; Four stars:Headstrong, In flight.


  • clawhopefulclawhopeful Monthly Member
    26 karma

    Hi! Although Quasi can have at most one CD that has a higher ranking, it is not absolutely necessary for another CD to have a higher ranking. Based off the stimulus and rules, knowing that stars range from 1 to 4 allows us to figure out that 4 is the highest ranking (as you did), especially since the rules talk about receiving more stars. The way you sorted the rankings was accurate! I think it was just the assumption that there must be a CD with a higher ranking than Quasi that caused the confusion.

    I quickly diagrammed the rules as:
    1. min 1, max 2 per rating
    2. N-H immediately (with lower rankings on the left)
    3. FH or FR only (which incorporates the rule of max 1 CD receiving the same review as F)
    4. Q = 3 or 4, since it is impossible for there to be only one CD with a higher rating than Q if it were in 1 or 2

    Let me know if this was helpful! This is my first #help reply so I'm not sure if the quick inferences are 100% clear

  • rachel96rachel96 Free Trial Member
    16 karma

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! wow thank you soo so so so much! i get it I get it. and yes youre right it was the higher rule. I get that since they all start off with 1 at the most 2 then it wouldn
    t be possible for quasi to take those spots because it needs to have more to fit that rule! wow thank you so much!

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