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Someone Explain this logic question to me

sweetsana_27sweetsana_27 Alum Member
edited April 2015 in General 74 karma
[Deleted by mods for violation of forum rules.]

I was picking between B and D. I had no idea it could be C. And I really don't even know which argument form to put this in so please help! Thanks!


  • ddakjikingddakjiking Inactive ⭐
    2116 karma
    I think this is against 7Sage rules by posting content (correct me if wrong).

    So this is sort of like a sufficient assumption where you have to use the correct answer choice to make the argument and hence the conclusion true.
    -A is wrong because it's simply repeating the 3rd premise.
    -B is wrong because it doesn't establish that no ski resorts are lawyers. For example, I (ddakjiking) am someone who dislikes long winter yet I'm not a cattle rancher. That doesn't help conclude that no ski resorts are lawyers.
    -D is wrong because it's the reversal of the 1st premise.
    -E is wrong because I think it's mainly irrelevant. Knowing what it takes to make a profit seems to remain out of scope of this argument.
  • sweetsana_27sweetsana_27 Alum Member
    74 karma
    Oh im sorry I didn't know about that.
  • sweetsana_27sweetsana_27 Alum Member
    74 karma
    But thanks for explaining this, would you know if we could use the argument forms to better answer this question?
  • kclubs323kclubs323 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    275 karma
    @sweetsana_27 If you mention the PT #, Section (LR 1 or LR 2), and Question # others might be able to chime in and help you better understand the question. Also, LR 1 refers to the first logical reasoning section that appears in the PT and LR 2 refers to the second LR section.
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