Can someone explain this question to me please! (MBT Except)

aj412garciaaj412garcia Alum Member

So I ended up getting the question right but only due to process of elimination.

PC<--some-->MB (I just reversed MB<---> PC)

3.MBC<---some--> I

A. Inference 3
B. Inference 3
C. Contrapositive of inference 1
D. Inference 2
E. Correct answer due to elimination (But I don't understand the answer entirely)
- Some irritating and beautiful cats are not Persian Cats Contrapositive of P--->I is /P--->/I which is half the answer then /I<--->MBC<--->/P which seems valid. I'm a bit confused



  • Jordan JohnsonJordan Johnson Alum Member
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    The contrapositive of P --> I is /I --> /P (you have an illegal negation in your explanation).

    Assuming this is PT 13's second LR section, Q 14, choice E is correct because we don't know anything about "irritating" cats -- "irritating" doesn't trigger anything. So we can't infer anything if "irritating" is in the sufficient condition (Answer Choice E would translate to "I + MBC --> /P").

    Hope that helps!

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