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Hi! Does anyone know how to set the timer to 35 minutes for problem sets?

cris1222cris1222 Alum Member
in General 186 karma

Hi! Does anyone know how to set the problem set timer to 35 minutes? I don't want to see my time going from 0:00 to 35:00 so the unlimited feature isn't useful. Rather, I want to have the timing set to 35 minutes to 0 rather than the 33:50 when I take full sections.


  • open earsopen ears Alum Member
    122 karma

    I don't think it's possible for LR problem sets, so I usually add either one or two random LR questions (from a previous PT so they appear first) to the problem set to make it 27 questions. That will make the problem set 36 minutes, and then I just start the questions I want to do when the timer hits 35 minutes.

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