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Is the citation in RC ever relevant?

I noticed that in some of the newer PT's there is a small 'citation' at the top of some (but not all) of the passages.

E.g. Passage 1 of PT 81 - "This passage was adapted from an article published in 2003". Just curious if this is something that is EVER relevant to answering the questions?

I could see LSAT using an excerpt from a "scientific journal" and there being a curve-Breaker question that hinged on the knowledge that this was geared towards non-popular audience, for example. Has anyone seen anything like this?

If not, why are they including this piece of information on some (but not all) of the passages?


  • danielbrowning208danielbrowning208 Alum Member
    531 karma

    I have never noticed it to make a difference on the questions. They often use the citation on science passages that may appear out of date.

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