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Is the taking the LSAT in October and Applying in November too Late?

haileyck7haileyck7 Core Member


I plan on applying to law schools this fall and I plan to study my butt off all summer and hopefully get a really good score come October. My original plan was to take it in September but I have had some complications come up that make that not really an option for me.

If I plan to have all my application materials ready to go by the time scores are released (including 2 letters and a 3.99 GPA), and hopefully get a better score than I would if I were to take the LSAT any earlier (ideally 170s), would submitting applications in very early November seriously decrease my chances at getting into top ~30 schools and scholarships (not necessarily from top 30s)?

I'm really worried about this and I'm wondering if since I cannot take it any earlier if I should just postpone my applications all together until next year.



  • whatlikeitshardwhatlikeitshard Alum Member
    edited July 2023 219 karma

    Applying in November is def not too late! I just read about this an interview between Spivey (law school consultant) and the U Michigan Law School Dean where they discuss this very question ( She says that if you apply before the end of December, many law school admissions still consider that "early." But she also emphasizes that it's always best to submit your apps when you know it's your best app, NOT by some arbitrary deadline you've made for yourself. So whether your best app is ready by November or February, you should submit when it's your best app.

  • cwagne24cwagne24 Alum Member
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    an admissions advisor told me they dont even start reading apps until after halloween-- I think youll be just fine!

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