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I'm -13 on RC & really need someone to help me out before the August LSAT.

olgalsatolgalsat Alum Member
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If you know a tutor or have any study approaches that helped you please let me know especially if you started low as -13. Any guidance would be helpful. I've tried 7sage, PS, & trainer. I try reading for structure and review all RC passages through 7sage. Somedays I'm at 20/27 (twice) timed and most other days I'm at an average of -13. I think the days where I hit 21 or 20 are merely flukes. Untimed I'm typically 23-24.

Thank you.


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    One thing that helped me is to ask myself why I don't get perfect untimed. You should theoretically be able to do that. And when I looked at where I was going wrong, it helped me start seeing trap answers, and simultaneously helped me start zeroing in on the right answer.

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