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Do I have anything to lose by registering for the August exam if my July test doesn't go well?

luckyPenny85luckyPenny85 Alum Member

Hi all! I am taking the July test on Tuesday, which will be my third time sitting for a test. I took it in Sept '18 (happy with score but knew I could do better) and sat for Nov '18 but ultimately decided to cancel that one. Now I am considering registering for August as a sort of security blanket, if you will. My thought is that if I like the score I get on July 30, I will just withdraw from August. So my question is, will it reflect poorly on my law school apps that I withdrew from August? I know I will be out $200 (which sucks), but my main concern is how it might make me look to an admissions committee. Any and all insights are appreciated, and good luck to anyone else taking the July test this week!


  • dhaley22dhaley22 Alum Member
    118 karma

    I actually just registered for the August Flex myself, with the exact same thought process you have. If my July scores (I'm taking it Tuesday, as well) are good, I will withdraw from August and lose the $200. If they aren't what I was hoping for, I will take again in August (and maybe October, too, if I need to.) It just made me feel a lot "safer" going in to Tuesday, if you will, because I know I will have a second chance sooner rather than later.

  • gunning4harvgunning4harv Free Trial Member
    7 karma

    If you withdraw from the August test before the test date, then it wouldn't show on the LSAT record that's sent to law schools. It would only count as a 'cancel' if you take the August test, and decide to cancel it afterwards.

    I'm doing the same thing. Just to keep my options open.

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