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Memory Method for RC that focuses on Low --> High Resolution

lsattinglsatting Alum Member

This version of the memory method has helped me to build the link between low resolution summaries and higher resolution summaries.

  1. On the first 3.5 minute reading, I write low resolution summaries (less than five words) for each paragraph. Because these are generally only two to three words, when I flip the passage over for the second round of 1.5 minute summaries I am in virtually no danger of forgetting them.

  2. When I flip the passage over for the 1.5 minute summaries, instead of simply trying to remember the low res summaries, instead I actually try to take them and expand them to higher resolution (10-15 word) summaries without looking at the passage. This has helped me strengthen my ability to "build" 2-3 word low res summaries into higher resolution summaries in my head without ever having to look at the passage.

  3. Then I do the questions (per usual).

There really isn't a "phase two" because this is generally targeted at students who already feel comfortable with low res summaries. This is more of an exercise to use once you've built a strong foundation of being able to summarize passages into one or two words, and mainly targets your memory's ability to "fill out" the rest of the paragraph when you "call" upon a low resolution summary. Because high resolution summaries take longer than low resolution ones, I sometimes (...often) take more than 1.5 minutes to do the second step. This method may not work for everyone but I have definitely seen improvement in my ability to actually use the low res summaries once I commit them to memory, and I figured I'd share it just in case it could be helpful to anyone else. Let me know if it works for y'all!


  • CDGarcia99CDGarcia99 Member
    49 karma

    Thank you! Doing RC right now. I will give this a try :)

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