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Under Performed After Good PT Avg

jtylerj05jtylerj05 Monthly Member

I studied full time for three months and scored 160 after a PT Avg of 167 and BR 171. The official score was just a point above my diagnostic. I really believe I can break 170, but this is pretty disappointing. Should I re-take in October or November?


  • parso341parso341 Alum Member
    93 karma

    Definitely retake! I was in the same boat not too long ago. It sounds like you know what you’re doing and just had first-time nerves. You’re going to do great the next time! Learn from past mistakes and try to have a positive mindset about the test, even when the LSAT just sucks :)

  • Kharmon1994Kharmon1994 Alum Member
    33 karma

    Agreed with the last comment. I performed similarly on my first test. Ask yourself if you were “cheating” during practice. Even though I was taking timed sections, I never factored in the initial time to check in/fill out the scantron (this was a live test) and I usually would walk around/stretch between sections in a way I typically wouldn’t during the test. Try to mirror conditions as perfectly as possible during practice, and hone in on the areas that tripped you up. I went from 6 points below my average PT to 2 points above 😄

  • jtylerj05jtylerj05 Monthly Member
    13 karma

    Thanks! I just took my first PT since the real test last month, and my score went up by 15. I think I overdid it in the weeks before the test- doing the latest PT after several weeks off gave my brain time to actually process everything I learned. Now I just need to sign up today for the October test before the deadline passes. :smiley:

  • student of thoughtstudent of thought Legacy Member
    101 karma

    have you been practicing with flex exams or traditional 4 section PT's?

  • jtylerj05jtylerj05 Monthly Member
    13 karma

    The option to practice flex wasn't available on 7sage before I took the July, but the PT I just took was a simulated Flex and I scored a personal best. I'm going to sign up for October's Flex today, and just keep doing 2-3 PTs a week in the meantime.

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