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August LSAT/Good Score or October LSAT/Better Score?

hey everyone, I'm scoring right around 170 and was planning on taking the August LSAT. I'm shooting for a 175, and feel like I could get there by the October test. I'm worried I would lose a month of the rolling admissions cycle. Basically, I'm wondering what weighs more - better score or earlier app.



  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
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    If your a splitter go for applying earlier

  • Heinz DoofenshmirtzHeinz Doofenshmirtz Member
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    Personally I'd go for the later test. My pre-law advisor at my school said that applying in October is perfectly fine and the October test is early October so you'd get your results in mid-October anyway. But also, you could just take both tests maybe if you were willing to do that.
    It would feel pretty good to have a 170 in the bank while preparing for the October test, plus it would take the pressure off for October. Just a thought!

  • edited August 2020 3 karma

    I'm planning to take both just to have a score in the bank pre-October and then take a little pressure off.

  • liam.gluckliam.gluck Core Member
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    awesome, thanks for your help you guys!

  • jIbookerjIbooker Alum Member
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    Wait for October. It's still early in the cycle and a few more points would be massively beneficial.

  • LS-AT WalkerLS-AT Walker Alum Member
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    I am in a very similar position. My plan is to study hard between now and the end of the month to make my August score better if I can. Then I will hopefully have a decent score locked in. However, I still plan on taking the October test to give myself another crack at it if my August score is not over 175. From what I have read and heard, for most schools as long as your application is in before December it will still be considered early. I don't think one month wait for October will hurt us at all as long as we can get our applications in before the end of November.

    Good Luck!

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