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Tips on improving LR last 6 questions (20+)

I say go go goI say go go go Alum Member

I always seem to crash and burn (-7/8) on that.

Any ideas on what I should be doing?

So far I have been doing drills from easiest to hardest, then focusing the strategies off all question types.

Thank you!


  • jbfclaw1jbfclaw1 Alum Member
    127 karma

    I deal with similar crashing, and often get nervous near the end because there's so many hard questions back-to-back.

    My mental strategy is to treat each section as an opportunity to WIN points. You can WIN as many points in the beginning of the section -- be confident in those questions. On average you spend more time per question at the end. Anticipate that and take your time scoping out the right answer. If you run out of time, try some practice drills with only difficult questions (sprinkle in some very easy ones to relax your brain) and exercise yourself to get used to seeing as many difficult questions as possible.

    You will do GREAT!

  • brie.confusedbrie.confused Member
    65 karma

    I start from #15 and go all the way down. I feel confident on 100% accuracy on the first 15 so I focus my energy and time on the more difficult ones at the end.

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