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Help: English Improvement Techniques for Non-Native Speakers and Study Group for October Flex

martinxi679martinxi679 Member
in Study Groups 281 karma

Hi 7Sagers,

For the last two months or so, my only problem left is the RC section and inability to understand some minor details, I have been drilling RC passages and trying my best to improve my English proficiency by reading tons of Economists articles during free time. Are there better ways to improve English proficiency? Any success stories from other non-native speakers? If yes, how long did it take them to achieve desired English proficiency level? Thanks in advance.

Study group wise, I have been PTing anywhere from 169 to 175, mostly in the low-170's range. My goal is to break into the mid-170 level by October, and that pretty much means to get RC down to around -3 consistently. Please message if you are interested, and I am really willing to meet others who are trying to improve RC as non-native speakers or have been successful on RC as non-native speakers.


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