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My LSAC rule change THEORY and how it will affect online based prep courses!

mpits001mpits001 Alum Member
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Hello, everyone!

I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the recent LSAT changes. If you have not here's a recent post with the article attached:

Anyway, I know a lot of people are probably freaking out. Hell, I made sure to DL all that I needed from 7Sage when I first read the news. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. What happens to 7Sage and other online based prep courses? How will this affect how I study? When will changes take effect, and how soon? How will this affect my subscription? I mean, after all, we all did pay X amount for X amount of time. This all includes the PTs, lessons, and videos for every question. Well, here's the direction I THINK LSAC is heading towards.

We all know that 7Sage uses paid subscription, and that we are allotted a limited amount of time of which can be extended at any time. My understanding is, LSAC no longer wants PDF PTs to be free to circulate once someone is done with any course that utilizes these PTs. So, my assumption is they will change the format of future PTs to another file type, and will have all prep test courses that use PDF PTs to switch over to this new file type. This will be similar to renting a digital textbook at any university/college. You purchase the license, and after X amount of time the file deletes itself or is no longer accessible. It's not much different than the current system at 7Sage, minus the PTs will self-delete. It's like losing the ultimate package after one year of being subscribed to 7Sage, we just can't keep the PTs we downloaded a long time ago.

Along with everyone else, I'd like to hear what the higher ups have to say about this. @"J.Y. Ping" and @"Dillon A. Wright"!

If you have any alternate theories or anything that compliments what I wrote, please discuss! Anticipate the worst, hope for the best!


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