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Hello October 👋

ahnendc-1ahnendc-1 Member
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Writing this for myself but hopefully someone else finds solace in this as well..

Got my results back this morning and was quite disappointed in the results. Scored a 166, which is the same score I received on the official take in May.

I’m so much better at this test than I was in May (PT average at the time was 166). I have improved, but frankly it sucks that this isn’t reflected in my official score. My PT average is exactly170 right now and I haven’t scored below a 168 in more than 5 months on a PT. My BR is consistently 176+ (and trending upwards) and if I can better my process even more, there are probably a couple of additional points I can add to my timed results.

Something happened in LR where I was just off my game and because that was the first section I could feel myself more distracted in RC. Based on the PowerScore prediction, I had the hardest compilation of sections and that might have affected my confidence too.

Either way, I’m ready for October. November too, if need be.

“So what, now what?”

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