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Advice on when to schedule October test?

majilatmajilat Member
in General 99 karma

Hey everyone!

So I am registered for the October Flex, and the signup process begins tomorrow. The days available are Saturday the 3rd, Sunday the 4th, Tuesday the 6th, or Thursday the 8th. Anyone have any advice on which day to pick (i.e. to avoid longer wait times, any other relevant factors I should consider)? Thanks!


  • andywsoccerandywsoccer Member
    83 karma

    I think it's available now(? Im not sure. I logged in and found it available earlier than 12 Est.@@

  • lahisfurylahisfury Member
    13 karma

    I think you should determine what time works best for you in terms of study habits and having a controlled environment and go from there.

  • calvinnhobbescalvinnhobbes Core Member
    134 karma


  • tolsonaktolsonak Free Trial Member
    3 karma

    Where are you finding the sign up availability in your LSAC login? I can't even see it!

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