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Should I cancel my August Flex Score?

jnl20200jnl20200 Core Member

Hello everyone! I took the August Flex as my first LSAT attempt, and so I have the option to preview my score before deciding whether to keep or cancel the score. I did very badly and am quite disappointed, will definitely be retaking it but I was wondering if there was any negatives for law schools if I do cancel the score? There seems to be some type of popular consensus to not cancel the score but considering this is a new feature I figured I'd just ask! I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations, thank you!


  • hopefullinghopefulling Member
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    It really depends on your school goals: T20? T40? T100? ... And I'm making assumptions here ...

    • If you're aiming for a T20 school, I'd cancel anything under a 158. Especially since they know that with score preview, a lot more people will be doing this.
    • If you're aiming for a T40 school, a 156/154?; T100, <150. I think the correlated bar pass/LSAT score is 150, where if you're under that score, that you'd be a risky bet at potentially ruining their bar passage stats?

    It really depends on the score and what you think you can realistically achieve. I wouldn't cancel anything under a 164 if you're looking at a T14. There seem to stories on here of people who had that as a 1st test score and then went on to a T3 school after scoring 175+.

    Good luck with your decision and future testing!!

  • jnl20200jnl20200 Core Member
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    Thank you so much for the advice, I really appreciate it! Good to know the different ranges/potential cutoffs and especially the fact that other people will be taking advantage of this option!

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    I don't see the need to cancel the score since most law schools will use your highest score to decide on your admission. And having a score on file would make you more secured since it's your bottom line, no matter what happens in your next test, you'll have this score anyways. I also took August Flex as my first attempt and didn't reach my goal, but I'm not going to cancel it.

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