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Would I be better off to test in January to improve score, even though I will be applying later?

J. W. WhiteJ. W. White Yearly Member
in General 40 karma

I am currently in a bit of a panic because I made the decision to pursue law school for the 2021 Fall term only at the end of July of this year and I am not improving my LSAT much at all from my diagnostic. I am taking the Oct LSAT (almost certainly erasing my score) and the Nov LSAT.

I am currently PTing at about 148-150. My Blind Review scores are closer to the mid-upper 160s which. I am hoping for a 158-160 for the schools that I am applying to, as most of them have a median of 155-157. I am becoming less confident with my abilities to reach a 158ish by Nov.

How much will I be hurting/helping myself if I test in January and apply closer to February? Or is it more wise to hold off a year?

Any thoughts or recommendations are more appreciated than I can put into words. Thank you.


  • Blake MorrisBlake Morris Core Member
    102 karma

    I'd like the answer on this as well.

    The schools I want to apply to accept apps until like...March? So I don't see why a Feb app would hurt anything.

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Member
    2054 karma

    Firstly, I think you should go ahead and cancel your October test date. if you are not close to the scores you want in PTs yet you are not very likely to suddenly jump 10 points on test day. November should still be in play but I think taking the October test is a waste of time, money, and a testing chance. I do not know what schools you are targeting, but what is more important to you, those specific regional schools or waiting a year? Do you have an exceptionally high GPA for those schools? If you are below median in LSAT you should at least be above media or 75th in GPA. I am guessing with those scores you are looking for a good local school that will lead to prospects in that market. All that said, if you do not mind potentially loosing out on your application fees I see no reason not to apply late this cycle with a November or January score. Depending on your score you might be fairly confident of entering or not at all confident, but if you do not apply you do not get in and it should not have an impact on anything the following year if you end up reapplying in Fall 2021.

  • melissa.westmelissa.west Member
    10 karma

    I think if you are already registered for October, that there is no harm in taking it, unless you are worried about reaching LSAT retake limits (3 times within a given year, 5 times within the current and five past testing years) That way you have a score on file, some confidence moving into the November exam as you already have one test date experience under your belt! Confidence in yourself counts for a lot, as silly as that sounds. Don't go into October psyching yourself out, know that retakes are normal and that your highest score is what matters. You can always submit applications with your Oct/Nov score as well and then update them with your January score if you do retake it then. Best wishes!!

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