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Trends in newer games different than older games?

picklerickpicklerick Monthly Member


Just an observation I've had. My logic games prep has been really focused on 1-35 with some 40s and recently some low 50s mixed in.

I've been working very hard on these earlier games for about 2 months, and have made a lot of progress. I started out totally sucking at games (-14 diagnostic) and through foolproofing, or a version of it, have gotten to -4 average or so, and still improving.

A few recent problem sets have totally killed me with conditional sequencing though, and I realized that this game type is very uncommon in early games, increasing in frequency (though still relatively rare) in later games.

Are there other trends like this to be aware of, in games specifically (besides substitution questions)?


  • EllegoalsEllegoals Alum Member
    342 karma

    One thing that's gotten better is the absurdity in some of the misc games. I found that 1-19 had some of the strangest games I've ever seen, so I think misc games have become a bit more uniform (although there are some really random ones every once in a while).

    If conditional sequencing is giving you trouble though, I recommend maybe spending a day or two and going through the course on conditional reasoning. This is something you kind of have to have down for both LG and LR, so might as well knock it out of the way early.

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