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Is There Something Different About PT 70?

hunter.berryhunter.berry Alum Member
in General 5 karma

Hey all,

I've been preparing for my second LSAT, taking a practice test each day. For a while now, my PTs have been around 167-169, with the occasional odd ball (164/165, 170/171, etc.). However, today, upon taking PT 70, I was gifted with a 176. Is this test unusually easy? I took part in a study session yesterday that taught me some helpful tricks for LG, as I normally get the first three sections all correct, but don't have enough time to finish section 4, but did not have this issue today. While I'd love to say this is me using the new strategies, I find it hard to believe I grew this much this quickly from the singular event. I'm just trying to figure out why I had the sudden jump in points.




  • cmurphycmurphy Monthly Member
    5 karma

    In my experience, some days/tests, I am just reading the questions really well if that makes sense. I am in a similar boat testing around 170 but have had a couple tests at 178 and 179 that stood out. I would say see it more as your potential than as luck. Something that did happen to me was after the 178, I got pretty upset with myself for not meeting that every PT which made the study process disheartening at times. My suggestion would be see it as a possibility but not an expectation.

  • helmholtz99helmholtz99 Monthly Member
    71 karma

    I second what @cmurphy said. Some days the speed and clarity with which I can read questions is drastically different from others. I would see it as a potential which is entirely achievable, and would be thrilled if I were you.

  • sans-coeursans-coeur Alum Member
    83 karma

    I did PT70 a while ago, and that was by far my best score I've done, haven't had a repeat since

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