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Webinar Shortcut

Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
edited October 2020 in Webinars 4283 karma

Wanted to create a more recent thread to locate webinars !

Main page:

Low-Key LOCIs:
Personal Statement Workshop:
Post Core Curriculum Study Strategies:
Intro to Admissions:
PS Bootcamp:
Our 89 Point Increase Story:
David' Six Tips On Doing It Right:
154 to 173 - A Tale of Logic and Games:
Argument Part & Method of Reasoning:
Public Interest Career & Resources:
Most Strongly Supported:
Pseudo-Sufficient Assumption:
Managing LSAT Stress and Anxiety:
Weaken & Strengthen:
Reading Comprehension Question Types:
Anticipating Answer Choices:
My 18 Point Increase Story:
Sufficient Assumption Intensive:
Splitting the Boards:
LSAT Prep for 170+:
Flaw Intensive:
Active Reading Strategies:
Blind Review:
Skip It! Skipping Strategies Panel:
Eliminating Attractor Answer Choices:
Timing and Levels of Certainty:
Necessary Assumption:
When to Actually Diagram in LR:


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