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PT 5 S1 Q15- can someone explain this to me?

julianadm825julianadm825 Monthly Member

please explainnnn


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    edited October 2020 7970 karma

    That's a f'ed up stem. I don't think this is representative of anything you'll see on a test now. Let me give it a shot:

    M: It is almost impossible to find someone 85-90 who primarily uses their left hand

    Q: 70-90 years ago children were punished for using their left hands to at or write, and were forced to use their right hands.

    Q’s response serves to counter any use by M of the evidence about 85-90 year olds in support of which one of the following hypotheses?

    I think this stem is asking "What does Q preclude M from saying?", so I thiiink this is a MBF question.

    So, M says no one 85-90 is left handed.

    Q responds well when they were kids they were forced to be right handed.

    Why else wouldn't you see left handed old people?

    More people were just born right handed 85-90 years ago? That would not be precluded by Q's response.

    Left handed people all die before they turn 85-90? That would conflict with Q... no they're just as much still around, they were just forced to be right handed.


    A - Being born right handed confers a survival advantage

    I think this is it. M cant say right handed people just survive because they're right handed. This is excluded because the left handed people are still here, just made to be right handed.

    B - Societal attitudes toward handedness differ at different times

    This isn't excluded. Seems to somewhat supported since we don't force people to be right handed nowadays.

    C - Forcing a person to switch form a preferred hand is harmless

    M could still say this without conflicting with Q. Harm or lack thereof isn't addressed

    D - Handedness is a product of both genetic predisposition and social pressures

    Similar to B I think this is actually supported. Social pressure - they made the kids switch hands.

    E - Physical habits learned in school often persist with old age.

    Again supported. They persist, which is why they continued to be right handed into old age instead of switching back.


    I think the primary issue with this question is the stem. You could look at it as a weakening question by saying if M made this AC their conclusion, it would be weakened by Q's response.

    M: There are no old left handed people. So, right handedness must provide a survival advantage.

    Q: No, they just made all the lefties switch when they were young.

    Wait... in that case maybe this is a strengthen question? I suppose it just depends on how you put the convoluted stem into practice.

    I hope I never see something like that on a test. If anyone can see any holes in my reasoning, please let me know! @julianadm825 let me know if this helped!

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    edited October 2020 2054 karma

    @canihazJD You are correct in that the answer is A. The stimulus is basically saying "which of the following assumptions that could be made by M is proven false by Q's claim?"

    If M were to use their initial statement to assume that handedness leads to a survival advantage Q's statement serves as an excellent rebuttal.

    I did not check the answer mind you, but I am confident in it.


  • julianadm825julianadm825 Monthly Member
    8 karma

    @canihazJD thank you that actually helped so much! I was definitely interpreting the question wrong actually and your breakdown of the stimulus and question helped me figure it out.

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