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Does January LSAT work for scholarship negotiations?

picklerickpicklerick Monthly Member

I am trying to get a full ride+ to pursue public interest.

I took the October LSAT and scored low/mid 160s, below my average PT score (170). I’m taking the November test, and planning on getting apps in around the same time as score release.

If I don’t hit my goal score on the November test, would it be reasonable to apply with my 16X, get admissions offers (and likely not enough scholarship), retake in January and - assuming I hit the mark in January - ask for a reconsideration of scholarship based on that score?

Is that common practice? Is it likely to have success? (Or will schools have distributed their scholarship allocations by then?)

Waiting a cycle is not really on the table unless it absolutely has to be - but I’d rather wait than end up w loans or at a school with abysmal employment stats.

January LSAT for scholarships?
  1. I'm doing this too but I don't know if it actually works8 votes
    1. Nope, scholarship funds will be out by then, or schools won't take the scores
    2. It totally works and is a legitimate strategy


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8139 karma

    Assuming your current 16x is good to go for your target school, yes it works and retakes with the intended sole use of scholly negotiations are common. I inadvertently went from $$ to $$$$+ at a couple schools in last cycle by gaining 4 points way later than January.

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    2054 karma

    @picklerick I am in the same boat. An extreme super splitter trying for $$$$ at mid to lower T14 and I really needed to hit around or above my average of 176. I hit 173 which, given my sad, sad undergrad GPA may not even get me admission. The T14 have traditionally not been friendly to extreme super-splitters, so even if I had gotten my usual score it would have been a long shot to expect scholarships, but I am going to shoot my shot at my biggest target schools anyway. I am also applying to several programs I really like outside of the T14. Best case I get into my T14 targets and get solid scholarships from my other targets and I can go into the January test without so much pressure. If I am able to perform at my usual level I can negotiate with everyone and decide what is best for me. If not I choose those other programs to apply to because I also really like their programs. Nothing wrong with going to schools outside the T14, T20, T30 or even T50 and, to be honest, even with 75th percentile scholarships I would likely have taken a full ride at one of the lower ranked schools anyway.

    I will say, because it is likely to be a more competitive than usual cycle, if $$$$ is important to you find a few schools you like where you have a really strong application at even without improving. The caveat being, of course, that those schools will still help you achieve your goals and you really do like them.

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