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Test Dates for 2021? (Planning Test/Prep Schedule for Next Cycle)

HLoom1222HLoom1222 Member
in General 97 karma

I'm slowly coming to grips with the fact that I may simply not be ready to apply to law school this cycle based on my LSAT prep progress. So I'm starting to map out a game plan for the fall 2022 cycle, but am hitting a wall in not being able to determine what the available test dates are beyond April. Is that information published anywhere?

Failing that, do we have good reason to expect they will try to offer 6 or 7 tests like in 2018 and 2019, respectively? And so maybe we can look to those years as a model for what months the test will probably be offered?


  • Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
    edited November 2020 4306 karma

    It isn't published yet, LSAC usually announces the next cycle of dates I believe before the April administration (don't quote me on this I could be wrong). Typical LSAT dates based on previous years have always been; June, July, Sept, Nov, Jan, March. With Aug, Oct, and Feb being added in 2019. Can't really know for sure if they'll add those in during this cycle but you can guarantee the other months if anything.

  • Juper1234Juper1234 Member
    edited November 2020 112 karma

    I am in the same boat as you, I am registered right now for April test. I registered for April because I think that it will be like this last year where there are tests in June and August and that gives me enough time in case I am not happy with my score.

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