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7Sage Law School Course

Christina WaltonChristina Walton Alum Member
edited November 2020 in Law School Explained 769 karma

I just finished sending in my applications so now I have nothing to do until I start school next fall. Is the 7Sage Law School Course worth it to prepare for law school/have something to do?


  • hopefullinghopefulling Alum Member
    edited November 2020 905 karma

    Maybe while you're waiting for your application responses, you'd be better off reading prep books like:
    • Getting to Maybe,
    • 1L of a ride,
    • Turow's 1L (there's actually some helpful little terms/bits in there beyond the story)
    • Farnsworth's Legal Analyst (this is really good)

    • I also have been reading up on how to brief cases (Cracking the Case Method, Deconstructing Legal Analysis) as well as some of Garner's books (Legal Writing in Plain English, The Elements of Legal Style, etc - they're really easy to read). Troll around the school you think you'll be attending law school bookstore's required books for the upcoming spring semester even - esp if they have a required Intro to Law course.

    If you haven't read any of those already. Then pick up the course after you know you're in at a specific school.

    I plan to do the same. I have been picking up outline guides over the past summer and together with the course, hope to have a basic understanding in advance of the 1L courses. There's also a Great Courses law school class on several of the 1L subjects as another supplement.

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