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Should a diversity statement be more than one page?

Let me know your thoughts!


  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
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    I would have two versions. One thats a page and a half and one thats one page. The page and a half you can write more so that should be your main ds but some schools only allow one page (Berkeley)

    1952 karma

    some schools have specific guidelines on how long your ds should be (e.g. 1 page).
    some don't, but i did hear that you should lean towards writing less than 2 pages (one and a half is good).
    i also had 2 versions: 1 page and 1 and a half page.

  • carlos.raiz23carlos.raiz23 Alum Member
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    Seems like the schools I am applying to don't have any specific guidelines regarding length, I will just aim for 1.5 pages, thanks everyone!

  • FindingSageFindingSage Alum Member
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    I have two different versions of both my personal statement and diversity statement because each individual school has their own requirements. For my diversity statement I have one that is a page long and another that is a page and a half. For my personal statement I have one which is 2 pages and one which is 3. I have noticed that some of the schools that want the 2 page personal statement or 1 page diversity will also allow 11 point font so I was able to do that and make a few tweaks without losing the majority of the content or flow.

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