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Study Partner: Need a late night/early morning grinder

The ErikThe Erik Monthly Member

Hi guys,

I am currently looking for a study partner that studies during none conventional hours. I typically work longer days 8:00am-9pm central time, so I'm forced to study from about 9:45-1:00am or 5:00-7:45am on weekdays. And on weekends, usually after 5pm. As for my score, I'm mid 160s and looking to break into mid 170s by April. I'm thrilled to work with anyone that is also forced to study during these disgusting hours. If this seems too early/late, maybe you could hit some pushups or body weight squats before studying. Or maybe get some smelling salts. Whatever you need, lets make it happen.


  • nwestfallpnwestfallp Alum Member
    69 karma

    I just took my diagnostic test and scored a 158, I am planning on taking the test in April. I'm also in the same time zone, so I would be down.

  • MartianmanMartianman Monthly Member
    edited January 2021 211 karma

    I’m taking April, working full time and on central time. Last three PTs 82,83,84 scored right at 160.

    I’m interested.

    @ The Erik have you taken any PTs in the 80s? My LR and LG have both increased materially since I began studying but when I switched to the PT 82, 83, and 84 I found the RC to be much more difficult and my score remained only slightly improved from the 60s vintages as I saw a ~4 question decrease in my average RC score. Just worth noting when considering “where you’re testing at” as I seem to see agreement on the 7sage message notes that many struggle unexpectedly on the 80s PTs

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