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3 section or 5 section?

bunnyfriend7bunnyfriend7 Alum Member
in General 191 karma

I am planning on taking the June and August 2021 tests. I am assuming the June test will be a Flex, although I am not so sure about August. I live in California and some colleges have already announced fully online classes for Fall 2021. Should I be taking 3 section timed practice tests to simulate flex conditions, or 5-section tests just in case? Only asking bc for Flex, LR isn't weighted as heavily, neither is stamina, so the way I will focus my studying will be different. What are you guys doing for those who are applying for the 2021-2022 admissions cycle?


  • dawgslaw123dawgslaw123 Alum Member
    138 karma

    I'm planning for around the same time as you. I'm doing flex PTs not only because I assume flex will be an option (possibly naively) but also because LR is my strongest section so if anything the full test would be better for me... but still lots of progress to be made.

  • McBeck418McBeck418 Alum Member
    edited February 2021 500 karma

    I'm also looking for some time in the summer and I'm curious to know this too. I was doing 4 sections, just to get the practice, but I don't know if doing flex will be closer to my actual score or not.

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