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4 section vs. 5 section

Corbett L.Corbett L. Alum Member
edited November 2014 in General 6 karma
The proctor app asks me whether I am taking a four or five section practice test, and I know the real test has five with one being an experimental, but every practice test I have taken has only had four sections. Is there a way to add a fifth section to the practice tests that I don't know about? Also, have all of my PT scores been skewed due to always having one less section?


  • adrian.mikoadrian.miko Alum Member
    191 karma
    Hey there,

    You actually have to manually add a section from another PT in order to write a 5 section timed LSAT.

    Your score will not be skewed, as on the real LSAT, the "experimental" section does not count towards your LSAT score. If anything, it all comes down to your mental fatigue level of writing 5 vs 4 sections during prep. No one knows which section is experimental while writing the LSAT, so you just have to give it all you got on all 5 sections.

  • Corbett L.Corbett L. Alum Member
    6 karma
    Ah, I just figured some practice tests had five and some had four and I was just coincidentally choosing all of the four section PTs. Wish I would have realized this sooner than two weeks before the exam but hopefully I have sufficient endurance such that it won't affect me significantly.

    Thanks for the response!
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