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Confused Please Help: Context vs. Premises & The So Test Conclusion

At first I thought I had this and was feeling good, until I got a question wrong, read the explanation and found out that what I considered to be background context information, the author/solutions/explanations used the statement as the premise, that according to the explanation, resulted in a totally different answer.

In the absence of premise/conclusion indicators, what is the best method or way to decipher and/or distinguish between premise, context, and conclusion/(thesis) information. In addition, in using the "so test" to determine, I find it a matter of opinion as to what sounds right or wrong for a conclusion statement determination. Thereby, some stimulus have the conclusion broken up throughout the passage whereby you have to piece the words or phrases together in order to come up with the proper conclusion. Thus in using the wrong method to choose a conclusion, could yield in choosing or picking the wrong answer choice and an unpleasant LSAT score.

Please help. Thank you.


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
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    What was the question that gave you trouble?

  • equallyyokedequallyyoked Live Member
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    Sometimes the conclusion even comes in the beginning of the stimulus without any key words. I would look to see if there is an accepted belief and then see if the author (if its an argument) states an opposite point of view. I am learning that very well may be the conclusion.

  • kkole444kkole444 Alum Member
    edited February 2021 1687 karma

    There are questions that will have context, but then a premise or a conclusion will use referential phrasing to refer back to it. So It is not directly supporting the conclusion but is being referred, back to in order to support a MP, or conclusion. So context can indirectly be pulled in to a premise or conclusion. Like what @canihazJD said If you post the question, it will be easier to help you with the problem.

  • JusticeLawJusticeLaw Member
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    Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your help and reply. I will post the problems.

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