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(Advice Request): Questions for those who improved score from Blind Review

LawSchool1LawSchool1 Member
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I started my first attempt to do the Blind Review after trying out many other study methods.

I’m hoping to do the Blind Review in the most effective way or do it appropriately at least.

I would like to ask for advice from those of you who improved score from Blind Reviewing.

  1. Could you share in detail what you did when you do the blind review?
    -What do you write out on your note? Other than Question type, your thought on stimulus and each answer choice?
    -After making a comparison between your note and J.Y’s explanation videos, how do you revise your note to prevent you from choosing the same wrong answer or from approaching the question in old ways?

  2. How long should I take to do the blind review?

  3. How do you keep up with improving your weaknesses in certain sections while improving the ability to finish the test within a limited amount of time?
    -I’m concerned about not doing the timed full test while I try to invest my time in Blind reviewing and Core Curriculum. At the same time, I do not want to waste my time doing PTs by repeatedly making wrong answer choices.

  4. After BR one PT, do you retake the same PT and then try new PT? Should BR method for LR and RC similar to the Fool Proof method for LG?

I would really appreciate your advice.



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    Hi there! I recently switched from another study source to 7sage and just started to implement the BR process. I've seen 8+ point increase in my PTs but have yet to truly test the method with a real LSAT.

    1. How do I BR?
      I do it as soon as possible after taking the timed PT. I find that I can account for why I chose my 1st AC easier when the information is fresh in my mind. I write down my notes on PAPER because I have a physical/visual mind and this helps me.
      a. I only write down my initial reasoning for choosing an answer choice when I am changing my answer choice in BR.
      i. I include: question type, why I got it wrong (why I chose my initial answer), why I am changing the answer, and any strategies I could use in the future to answer correctly the 1st time.

    - future strategies for success has been very helpful in scanning my notes

    1. How long should you take?
      As long as it takes. BR is your theoretical upper limit, so the more critical you can be, the higher your upper limit should get. My first BR took almost 4 hours.

    2. You have to prioritize. Take a full timed test at least once every 2 weeks if you're just starting out. Do critical BR. Identify your strategies for success. Identify a few topics that would have a significant impact on your score and work on those. Drill those topics with your new strategy. See what works. Ditch what doesn't serve you. Then re-test.
      You grow in the practice between PTs.

    3. I don't re-take the same PTs for LR and RC improvement - I remember too much for it to be helpful. There is benefit in memorizing LG because it is formulaic; LR and RC are less so. IMO The best way to master LR is drilling that question type. The best way to master RC is the "low res" summary method and brute force.

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