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Actual Score v. Blind Review Score...Time Constraint?

carreno.katecarreno.kate Alum Member
edited July 2014 in General 135 karma
I began self-studying about two months ago for the June 2014 LSAT, and decided to postpone the exam. I then registered for 7sage and went through all the curriculum. I took my first practice test with 7sage recently -- my actual score was a 160, which is was my average score before I began with 7sage. My blind review score was a 170. I'm very comfortable with the exam without the time constraint, but under pressure I'm not as confident. I'm wondering: is it possible to achieve my blind review score (or close to it) under timed pressure for the September 2014 exam? I have the feeling it is very possible, but I'm just not sure how to push past this roadblock. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  • danielledanielle Member
    43 karma
    Just do every practice test you can, and blind review them. Do LSAT's until your hands fall off. Read everything like it's a reading comprehension passage. Look for logical flaws in your friends arguments. (Don't point them out, you'll just sound like a jerk.)

    Using the LSAT analytics part is really helpful to figure out what, exactly, you're having trouble with. Then, re-doing those sections could be helpful in understanding. Also, don't neglect the logic games- those are mechanical, so you can likely work yourself to a perfect score if you re-do them and become familiar.

    Really, the only advice possible is to start practicing. You've got an understanding - now you need to work on applying it. Good luck!
  • jessicacejessicace Alum Member
    90 karma

    Hi! Wondering how everything worked out since I’m facing the same score gap between my actual score and blind review score

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