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Jumping between sets in the core curriculum

NoobMaster69NoobMaster69 Alum Member
in General 25 karma

Hey all! I'm curious for anyone who would know the best: is it better to do some LR core curriculum sets one day, then some LR sets the next day, then RC sets the next day (etc.), or is it better to just go in chronological order and just do all the LR sets, then the LG, sets, then the RC sets?
I am leaning more towards jumping between sets because I'm worried that by the time I get to the RC section I may have forgotten some of the LR or even LG material.
Thank you in advance to anyone who has any suggestions/advice!


  • Jordan JohnsonJordan Johnson Alum Member
    680 karma

    @NoobMaster69 I jumped around the three major categories with no issue, but went through each video lecture in order.

    You're prone to "slip" on something you've previously focused on and put on the back-burner. It happens to all of us, regardless of our approach.

    I would suggest only doing partial Problem Sets that are included as a part of the Core Curriculum (especially when there are 10+ "built-in" sets), as I found it more convenient to refresh skills on a "built-in" Practice Set that I haven't done, rather than rehashing ones that I already have done or creating a categorical problem set of my own.

    Hope that helps!

  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Alum Member
    1092 karma

    You can definitely jump around, but to do it effectively, you need to have a solid idea of your strengths and weaknesses. In my case, I had used other prep material before starting 7sage, so I had a big picture of exactly what types of questions I needed to hone in on.

    At the bare minimum before jumping around too much, at least go through the basic logic curriculum as that is the root behind a lot of the questions. After that, have at it!

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