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reading comp might actually be my downfall for June flex

Kevins-Spilled-ChiliKevins-Spilled-Chili Core Member
edited June 2021 in Reading Comprehension 31 karma

Hey all, this is my first time posting on this forum because I have no idea where to go from here so any tips, strategies, hugs, cry sessions, heck I'll even pay for a reading comp tutor if I need to because I've worked too hard for reading comp to be my downfall :(. A little background, I noticed the later I got into the PTs (70s +) the worse I am doing on RC, I just took PT 88 and i got -4 on LR , -1on LG and -10 ON READING COMP. I feel like im looking waaaaay to deep into the questions and it's really making me doubt taking the June test since its literally in 15 days. So yeah that's my situation, please help ya girl :(((((((


  • ptbannorptbannor Member
    29 karma

    I'm in the same boat as well with similar numbers for the score deductions in each section- following for tips!*

  • elysejackson2012elysejackson2012 Alum Member
    10 karma

    I know its close to your test date but try watching LSAT labs videos about RC asap!!! I kid you not, his videos have finally made sense of RC and I'm down from -9 to -2/-3. Give it a try and see if it helps you!

  • keemotexaslawkeemotexaslaw Member
    8 karma

    Same here, have seen improvements in my LG and LR but somehow the RC just gets worse. I have tried annotations as I read to grasp what the passage is saying and I feel like it helps, but it is a large time sink. For the comparative passages I make note of what the MP is and then I also write the similarities/differences between what they are saying since the questions are usually centered around that. Anyone else have a different approach? As I would like to try something new in my next PT, just broke into 155/156 range going for 160 on June test next week.

  • holly.barrassholly.barrass Member
    41 karma

    I am stuck in a similar boat. I just checked out the LSAT lab videos and they seem really helpful! thanks for the suggestion @elysejackson2012 !!!!

  • Lowry0707Lowry0707 Member
    102 karma

    @"holly.barrass" I, too, am in a similar situation. Just curious to know where you found the LSAT lab videos and if you have to pay for a subscription.

  • holly.barrassholly.barrass Member
    edited June 2021 41 karma

    They are free on youtube. Not sure if I should link another LSAT product here or not but I searched LSAT lab reading comprehension into the youtube search. A fun animated video for better reading skills.

  • ggoeklerggoekler Member
    30 karma

    Hey Kevin I was in the same boat and recently made a huge jump in RC that got me into the 170s. Last 3 RC sections Ive done I got -2 (prior -7 to -10 avg)

    Idk how helpful my experience is to you but this is how it went for me.

    Diagnostic i did like -15 on this section. For ost of my time studying I could never get through all of the passages. I got my first gains in this section forcing myself to highlight. Never really had a strategy just tried to brute force do better via maybe more discipline and then obviously the highlighting. This got me to previous mentioned average.

    Once I was in your position, I wasn’t sure what to do. Now Prior to my 2.5 months here at 7sage, I went thru the LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim. So I didnt go thru the entire core curriculum here, just used it for trouble areas in LG and LR.

    I went thru the 3 theory videos JY has at the beginning of the 7sage curricullum. I watched these with intention and forced myself to implement these strategies the next sections. Since then lowest I’ve gotten is -5.

    I dont write anything down or highlight anything now. A lot of it is discipline earned from a lot of PTs too. I just focus, after every sentence I try to comprehend the narrative or facts here, just like an LG rule or LR Stim. You need to grasp the relationships and narrative their telling you, know the structure of the passage and the tone/POV. Derive inferences from this.

    At the end of the passage, I look over once to kind of re-establish the big picture, then i dont return unless the question has a line reference or similar, or on my 2nd go round if i wanna eliminate answers. (Yes implementing this has gotten me to where i reliably have time remaining in RC).

    Feel free to message me if you want any more detail or have more specific questions!

  • sandydanadurstsandydanadurst Core Member
    48 karma

    try not highlighting! also read slow but realize they are all a similar format! im not great but those two things have helped me the most

  • yang9999yang9999 Core Member
    edited June 2021 419 karma

    @sandydanadurst said:
    try not highlighting! also read slow but realize they are all a similar format! im not great but those two things have helped me the most

    I highlight but I am very selective about what I end up highlighting. For example, if the author is proposing a hypothesis, I highlight it and any pieces of evidence they give to support that hypothesis. If I see an opposing VP I also highlight that. If I can spot the main point immediately I also highlight it. The trap of highlighting is that it can lead one to highlight everything instead of honing in on the major, global structural pieces of the argument in the passage.

  • Jessica DJessica D Member
    30 karma

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. There is some helpful advice here.

  • Kevins-Spilled-ChiliKevins-Spilled-Chili Core Member
    31 karma

    I don't know how to tag all of you on this post, but thank you all so much for the tips and advice! I'm starting to apply some of what's on here and I do see improvement :,)

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