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Should I postpone?

overthistestoverthistest Alum Member
edited June 2021 in June 2021 LSAT 166 karma

Hi everyone! I’m hoping to get some unbiased advice on what you guys think is the best option in my situation.

Long story short I have been at this for a while. I have already tested two times (I cancelled my first score as a first time test taker) and was not impressed with my score. I relied heavily on LG and LR because I was terrible in RC. This is the mindset I had with the first two tests I took so it didn’t go well for me.

After realizing I would need to test again, I started with a new tutor for RC about a month ago and it has helped a ton so far. She has a method that is different from any other method I have learned where it’s more of a strategical/step by step approach. It’s different from what people typically tutor in RC, but nonetheless, very helpful so far. The only issue i’m having is the method either isn’t very consistent (I notice some passages I go -4 or less… other passages -10 plus) or i’m not comfortable with it yet. My tutor says that this is a foolproof way to get up there in the highway percentile of test takers…but it takes a couple of months to perfect it. I don’t think i’m terrible, however, definitely not scoring consistently where I would need to be to not heavily rely on the other two sections (sometimes… other times i’m fine so it’s hard to say)
I scheduled my test for June and it’s the last chance I have to go to law school in the fall so I really want to give it a shot but i’m worried about having so many tests on my record. What are the odds of me improving with this method in the last week? Should I take the test? If I do have to test again in August will having 4 tests look really bad for me? I’ve always heard admission only looks at the highest score but i’m worried having 4 will look awful for me.

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